Through the generous contributions from donors like you, the Scotland Campus supports and nurtures future Christian leaders for global impact. We promote excellence through teaching, research, and community service. Every student at Scotland Campus benefits from the generosity of our friends and community partners in areas such as campus infrastructure, facility renovations, technology improvements and cultural/educational programming. We need your support for the new The Scotland Capital Campaign: New Life for a Historic Campus. Please click here for more information on a listing of our giving societies, naming opportunities and essential Guardian (annual) Fund.

New Life for A Historic Campus

newlifeThe original Scotland mission of care and education for young people is revived, enhanced and greatly expanded through the current mission of Scotland Campus. Join us and get involved in this great mission for our community and our world: The $6.7 Million Scotland Campaign – New Life for a Historic Campus. The vision to be a Christian community where leaders are nurtured and trained for global impact, is becoming a reality on the Scotland Campus. The plan is to send forth charismatic, forward-thinking Christian leaders into business, church, industrial and social organizations all over the world. Scotland Campus (SC) is a unique collaborative community of educational institutions and businesses sharing one beautiful campus and maximizing economies through well-managed, shared facilities. While substantive renovations have already been undertaken, a key to the development and growth of the campus lies with the complete replacement of the water lines, sewer lines, roadways and additional parking. These upgrades to the infrastructure are absolutely essential and will provide for and attract even more partners in the future and ensure sustainability and growth for the campus. The progress of initial renovations since June of 2013 is phenomenal. Still much needs to be done and that is where we need your help. Please partner with us in upgrading the Scotland Campus today!

Letter from President, Dr. David B. Newell

Scotland Campus is like no other place I have ever been. It has become a synergistic, multi-dimensional, international community.  When we began our ministry here we came with a rather detailed plan based upon a multitude of assumptions.  Many of the plans that we had for the campus could not come to fruition in the time and in the manner that we had anticipated. But what transpired was a series of opportunities that can only be described as gifts from God.  After all, we were convinced that God brought us to the campus. He made a way where there was no way.  We felt as if God was up to something and we had to remain faithful and pliable to move wherever He would lead. Our time on the campus has been a season of growth in faith.  We stand in awe at the faithfulness of God. The Lord has blessed us with staff, volunteers and leadership in our Board of Administration, who have taken on significant challenges and remained resilient and adaptable.  Local businesses and supporters have helped us achieve significant strides in a very short period of time. Our Campus values were forged in the crucible of challenge. We are of course faith driven, and advancing the kingdom of God through Christian education is the core of our ministry.  A spirit of innovation and determination has helped us face daily challenges.  We now have 16 different organizations on the campus that are synergistic in nature, and built upon an atmosphere and spirit of collaboration. Scotland Campus is now prepared and poised for life changing ministry through Christian Education.  As we enter into our “New Life for a Historic Campus” campaign, we do so with the assurance that the mission merits the energy, time, and investment.  There is no limit to what God can do through the active engagement of people dedicated to serving with their resources.  Investing in the transformation of lives.  Graduates of our educational programs will serve churches, lead governments, guide corporations, find cures, educate others, and bring Christian values to a lost and drifting world.

Since coming to Scotland Campus, I have come to value the chapel the most. That is where I worship and that makes me stronger.   I love the campus. It’s so lovely.

Juliet Lee

Class of 2017, Kyungki South Korea

I appreciate being able to study abroad, and to do that at a Christian School.

Angela Gratia

Indonesia, Semarang, Class of 2017

Scotland Campus is the place where true integration and collaboration happens.  It is a gateway to the world

Joshua Kang

Vice Principal, Global Vision Christian School-USA


The Scotland Campus Community promotes Christian Education to build future leaders. Almost daily, we watch the news and see events unfold that shake the stability of this and other nations.  Christians are under assault both here and abroad.  The erosion of long-held traditional values threaten the definition of marriage and family.  The social support structures which historically safeguarded biblical values, seem to deteriorate before us.  At Scotland Campus, we are uniquely positioned to better equip the leaders of today, and raise up the Christian leaders of tomorrow.  Believers from all over the world, come here to learn and prepare for a lifetime of serving Christ, with educational opportunities at every stage of life.   We believe that preparing the next generation of Christian leaders begins with a solid education.   giving-societies

Contacts for Giving

Graham Messner Chief Development Officer – 717 816 5168

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Naming Opportunities

There are numerous buildings and spaces on the beautiful Scotland Campus. Each one represents an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of love, respect, and appreciation for some very special person or persons. Please prayerfully consider a generous and meaningful gift to name one of these amazing campus assets.

Opportunity Gift
Old Main $5,000,000
Conference Hall $2,000,000
Faculty Endowment $2,000,000
SC Education & Conference Center $1,500,000
Chapel of the Nations $1,000,000
Community Gym $1,000,000
Trades Building $1,000,000
Campus IT Network $800,000
Smaller Gym $1,000,000
Auditorium $550,000
Conference Hall Annex $500,000
Library Commons $500,000
Medical Building $500,000
Contemplative Garden $500,000
Main Parking Lot $500,000
Energy Improvements $500,000
Farm House $250,000
Football Field $100,000
Presidents’ Residence $50,000
Maintenance Building $50,000
Amphitheater $50,000
Cottages (43) $20,000
Classroom Upgrades (each) $5,000

Our Partners

It has been magnificent to watch God build a community with like-minded, mission focused organizations.  Our roster of partners continues to grow, and we continue to innovate creative points of collaboration and synergy.  Each organization fills an integrated service role and is part of a unique Christian community.

Preschool:    Safari Adventures Child Care and Education Center

Elementary School:    Providence Academy

High School:    Broadfording Christian Academy

Global Vision Christian School

Sports Preparatory School:    National Top Sports Institute

Special Needs Autism:   Keystone Pediatric Services

College:    Shippensburg University Graduate School

Winebrenner Theological Seminary

Continuing Education:    The Academy for Global Leadership, Dale Carnegie

Counseling:    The Healing Place

Church:    New Covenant Church

Campus Support:    Alpha Fitness, Kristanny Food Service, Crusaders’ Keep, Crusader’s Shield, Global Christian Tae Kwon Do

IT and Marketing :   Purple Deck Media, Inc.