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Creative Space for Entrepreneurs

Genesis is a space set apart on the Scotland Campus.  Individuals and small business start-ups can create an environment of collaborative innovation and creativity at a very low cost in an open concept environment.  It is a concept that harnesses community and entrepreneurial synthesis to drive the economic engine of new products and services.

Genesis encourages the spirit of risk, innovation, collaboration and a bold pioneering focus for Christian entrepreneurs.  We offer workspaces for creativity and business development in IT related fields, all within a Christ centered campus.  Genesis has additional space available for private group meetings in conference rooms, classrooms auditorium space and outdoor venues.  Join us for coffee in Brewology, or enjoy a great lunch at the Crusader’s Keep sandwich shop.  The Genesis room features workspace, internet access, phone service with an auto attendant, for a professional feel.  The basic space plan starts at a low price of $8.00 per day, on a month to month basis.  Opportunity exists to schedule additional classroom and board room space for an hourly additional fee.   Want to know more?  Call us at 717-552-2220.


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